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Unlock Peak Performance: Power Tune for your Diesel Ute

Discover the power and potential of your diesel ute with a tune.  Whether you use your vehicle for work or play, optimizing your diesel engine can transform your driving experience.


Here's what diesel ute tuning can do for you:

1. Maximize Power and Torque

Tuning adjusts your engine's parameters to increase horsepower and torque. Experience a more responsive and powerful vehicle that handles heavy loads and tough terrains with ease.

2. Improve Fuel Efficiency

Properly tuned engines burn fuel more efficiently. This means more miles per gallon and less time spent at the pump—saving you money in the long run.

3. Enhance Driveability

Diesel tuning smooths out acceleration and improves overall engine performance, providing you with a smoother, more enjoyable drive.

4. Optimize Towing and Hauling

With greater power and torque, your tuned diesel ute can tow and haul heavier loads effortlessly, making work or recreational adventures more efficient.

5. Extend Engine Life

By fine-tuning your engine's performance, you reduce strain on components, helping your engine run smoother and last longer.

6. Customize for Your Needs

Whether you prioritize performance, fuel economy, or a balance of both, tuning can be customized to meet your specific driving needs and preferences.

7. Unlock Additional Features

Modern tuning can also unlock additional features and adjustments in your vehicle's performance, giving you a more tailored driving experience.

Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to fine-tune your diesel ute to its maximum potential. We prioritize safety, reliability, and performance, ensuring your vehicle runs at its best. Experience the difference of expert diesel tuning and unleash your ute's full potential today!



Power tune - from $1200


+ EGR $149

+ DPF $149 + plus labour to remove DPF element

+ Adblue $600

Stand Alone Services

EGR Off -  from $300

DPF Off - from $300 + labour to remove DPF element

PLEASE NOTE: Emissions rules and regulations in New Zealand are subject to change. We do not take responsibility for the legality of these modifications  — please conduct your own research.

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